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G500F Heating Radiators

G500F Heating Radiators

The radiator ‒ a warm element of your interior ‒ invaluable in winter, dormant in summer. It is made of top quality aluminium and subject to a number of inspections during the production process. From the inside, during the electrophoresis process, it is covered with a special coating that prevents intergranular corrosion, thanks to which it is possible to connect the radiator to any system, including the copper one. The working parameters of the radiator guarantee its high efficiency.

How are the KFA Armatura aluminium radiators produced?

It all starts with small aluminium bars called sows. To manufacture our aluminium radiators, we use high quality raw material with increased requirements for a group of elements of chemical composition according to the Armatura standard based on the PN-EN 1676 standard. We test this composition for each smelting process using a Spectromax type spectrometer and check the crystallographic structure using a microscope.

Then the aluminium sows are placed in a melting furnace, where they are melted at a temperature of about 850°C. After that, the material is transported to the heating furnaces installed at the casting machines. Once the process is over, the casts are strictly controlled, both visually and with an X-ray machine. Later, after machining, which includes a series of operations connected with precise grinding of the surface, welding the plug, threading, and bolting sets together, we check the tightness of our radiators.

The next step of the manufacturing process is connected with protecting the radiators against corrosion during the fluorozirconic and anaphoretic treatment. Thanks to anaphoretic varnishing, we obtain a durable coating highly resistant to corrosion. The last stage involves covering the radiators with an electrostatic powder coating and placing them in furnaces where the varnish polymerises (at a temperature of around 200°C). After that, the radiators are packed and transported to our clients.

  • Quality

    Index: 789-101-44

    Color: white

    RAL: RAL 9010

    EAN: 5907571780780

    PKWiU: 25.99.29-55.01

    Assembly: wall-mounted

    Material: aluminium

    Works with a copper system: yes

    Total section height [mm]: 572

    Total width [mm]: 865

    Section depth [mm]: 90

    Water capacity [dm3]: 3,0

    Max water temperature [°C]: 95

    Thermal capacity of one section for Δt=30°C [W]: 570,0 W

    Thermal capacity of one section for Δt=50°C [W]: 1110,7 W

    Working pressure up to [Mpa]: 2.0

  • Brand

    KFA Armatura Poland

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