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FAKRO Skylights FXC

FAKRO Skylights FXC

Premium Curb Mounted Skylights FXC


Newly developed curb mounted fixed skylight, incorporates simplicity of installation, long trouble-free use with the beauty of a sleek, modern design. Following world design trends of electronic devices, FAKRO has developed curb mounted residential skylight with completely (smartphone like) flat surface, allowing installation on any type of roof in any direction you wish.

  • Product Specs

    • Unique infinity glass design
    • Suitable for flat and sloped roofs from 0 to 60 degrees
    • Low-E, UV filtering glass with low solar heat gain coefficient
    • Installs in horizontal or vertical orientation (360 degree rotation)
    • Double glazing unit filled with argon gas
    • Condensation channels trap moisture and drains it outside
    • Flat modern construction allows for easy water drainage
    • White finished, internal PVC frame overlaps drywall allowing for quick and esthetic shaft finish
    • Internal and external blinds installation ready (no additional frames necessary)
    • EL-C step or EH-C high profile flashing available
    • Custom colors available
  • Brand


Modern Furniture

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