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Cashmere Gray Modern Kitchen

Cashmere Gray Modern Kitchen

A kitchen must be first and foremost functional, otherwise you cannot enjoy its beauty. The design line is clear and elegant, focusing primarily on an increased degree of use of useful space. Through the kitchen, you realize if you are orderly as a person, if you are comfortable, what culinary and aesthetic tastes you have, what kind of food you prefer, etc. Details that are important in everyday life and that are reflected in the kitchen you want in the future. All people are different, their needs and tastes are different, for this reason their kitchens will also be different and created in an exclusive way adapting to the requirements of each individual. A real and practical alternative is to make the furniture to order, so the designer will come to your aid with practical and carefully thought out ideas for each individual client. People who want the time spent in the kitchen to be pleasant will definitely want it to be attractive as well as functional. The kitchen line is one on one row, the aesthetic visibility is frontal.

  • Materials Used

    The furniture is made of matte cashmere painted MDF NCS-S3502-R with built-in appliances. The worktop is made of very generous Starlight White Quartz so that there is no inconvenience from a practical point of view. Our suggestion was to position the stove and hood in the center to create a balance and for more mobility. The finish of the vospit MDF doors breaks the monotony, reflects a game of shadows and lights, giving the impression of spaciousness and freshness, especially when the area of ​​interest is properly lit. The entire kitchen is equipped with BLUM damping systems. The lower drawers are also equipped with optional BLUEMOTION BLUM systems, ensuring a smooth and noiseless closing of the drawers.

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