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Large areas of glass with narrow visible frame surfaces.

  • Quality

    - New PVC threshold for easy realization of barrier-free access and optimal energy efficiency.
    - Design version VEKAMOTION 82 MAX with maximum proportion of glass: visible interior profile width of only 28 mm, increasing visible glass area by 7 cm in the width and 13 cm in the height.
    - Construction of VEKAMOTION 82 MAX allows frame to be almost completely plastered over, for nearly frameless exterior view.
    - Wall thickness to meet highest quality standard (DIN EN 12608, Class A).
    - Wide variety of design options with decorative foils and aluminum panels as well as the exclusive VEKA SPECTRAL surface finish.

  • VEKAMOTION 82 Thermal Values

    - Insulation value of VEKAMOTION 82: Uf = 1.4 W/(m2K).
    - Insulation value of VEKAMOTION 82 MAX: Uf = 1.3 W/(m²K).
    - Glazing thicknesses of up to 54 mm allow the use of functional glass with high thermal insulation ratings, resulting in insulation values of up to Ud = 0.78 W/(m²K) for the overall element.

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