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LST Insulated - Scissor

LST Insulated - Scissor

  • white hatch - plastic catch
  • white metal trim
  • weather seal gasket
  • non-slip steps
  • possibility of adding or detaching steps
  • quick installation in the ceiling - installation brackets
  • additionl accessories available
  • system of adopting the ladder length to the ceiling height
  • 2 year warranty
  • Product Specs

    LST Insulated

    - 350 lbs maximum loading

    - 0,19 BTU/hft²F loft ladder hatch U-value

    - 1 1/8 insulation thickness

    - 1 3/8 hatch thickness

    - EN 14975 norm requirements

    - 5.2 attic ladder R-value


    The LST is a scissor style, insulated and sealed attic ladder. It collapses as it folds away and expands as it opens. It is spring-loaded and includes a control rod, installation brackets, trim, and a white, finished lid.


  • Brand


Modern Furniture

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