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Metaller Aluminum Joinery

Metaller Aluminum Joinery

Quality and efficiency with Aluminum joinery - Oriented towards design, the need for complex, durable joinery systems with various architectural possibilities have imposed aluminum systems as the ideal solution.

This solution - Aluminum joinery - is perfectly compatible with individual homes, through aluminum profiles with thermal barrier, which ensures a very good insulation and high resistance to environmental factors for a long time.

Maintenance costs are minimal for aluminum windows and doors, it insulates buildings thermally and acoustically particularly well, together with a suitable window obtaining a heat transfer coefficient up to the standard of passive houses.

Aluminum joinery is synonymous with quality and absolute durability. This joiner system has the widest range of products. From aluminum joinery for simple windows without thermal barriers to complex windows with outstanding thermal barriers, even fireproof aluminum joinery systems.

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    Sturdy window with maximal energy efficiency for aluminum joinery

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